Using nature's gifts to make tasty treats!

Delicious meets healthy. What more could you ask for?

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fresh ingredients

At Healthy Treats, we're committed to your health. That's why Divya buys the freshest produce, dry fruits and nuts to make sure that you get the best. From our home to yours, there's no compromise on quality. The best part is, our treats are made with L-O-V-E.

need catering?

Looking to make your special event unique? We have customized catering options that are sure to meet your needs. Divya can help you design a menu that not only pleases your palate, but is sure to impress your guests as well. Contact Divya for more information!

special packaging

Whether it's a baby shower, Diwali, or Christmas, we have beautiful boxing for every occasion. Customized? No problem! We'll do everything we can to make your special occasion truly memorable.

even healthier

We know you care about your health and we want you to know that we care, too. For those of you that have special dietary needs, we offer our treats with the following modifications: oil free, vegan, sugar free, and nut free!

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